Trying to Rebuild Your Transmission


Transmission issues are amongst some of the worst to have with a car. The transmission also happens to be one of the most expensive parts to repair. If you are having transmission problems, or you decide to do some regular maintenance on your vehicle, then it’s always a good idea to know how to put it back together, the correct way. There are a few factors that may play in to the rebuilding of your transmission, such as the year, make, and model of your car. If you’ve kept up with maintenance or what the overall condition of the car is will also play an important part. Finally, having a manual or automatic transmission will make the largest difference in the steps you take towards rebuilding your transmission. Consulting a professional or looking up a proper guide for your specific transmission is your best bet, but we’ll be going over some of the first general steps of rebuilding a manual transmission.


So, we’ll begin with the first step after disassembly. Once you’ve taken off all the parts correctly, you will want to clean them off nicely. This will benefit the condition of your transmission, which will in turn benefit your cars overall health. The next step you should take is rebuilding your countershaft. Be careful and try not to lose any of the roller bearings, because they are quite small and there are plenty of them. You should lay our 4 sets of 20 bearings, this way you don’t get confused or frustrated and limit the possibilities of losing the roller bearings. A major difference in your transmission, compared to others, will be the amount of spacers required per countershaft. Making sure you correctly stack the roller bearings may take some time, but it is crucial.


After you have correctly assembled the parts of your countershaft, you should move on and assemble your shifter plate. There are many steps towards properly assembling this part, so looking up your specific transmission or consulting a professional is highly recommended. That is the only way you may correctly assemble pieces such as your shifter lockout. After you have completed your shifter plate, it is time to move on to glue down thrust washers to allow for the installation of your countershaft. Once it has been slid into place, make sure it is properly aligned and fastened. Now, we have completed the first half of rebuilding the transmission.
If this all seems a bit overwhelming, I understand, it was meant to seem that way. The process of rebuilding your transmission requires care, patience, and expertise. The desire to learn how to fix your car is great, but a transmission may not be something you’d like to start with. Taking your car to professionals, such as ourselves, is one of the better options. We have over 30 years of experience, as well as knowledge in all types of transmissions. With a free quote, we can get your transmission fixed in no time. If you’re still aiming to fix your transmission yourself, YouTube can be an excellent guide.

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