Transmission Rebuild

How to Avoid Major Transmission Problems

Among the different systems that keep vehicles running optimally, the transmission is one of the most critical. The lack of information and conversation pertaining to this system is surprising. Because of this, many people have no clue when transmission problems develop. Unfortunately, overlooking a small problem often turns into a major issue and an expensive repair. At Twin Transmission, we feel that people should have the knowledge needed to identify potential problems with the transmission.

After all, by identifying issues early on, there is a good chance that major transmission problems can be avoided altogether. Of course, for all transmission problems in Charlotte, NC, small or large, our mechanics at Twin Transmission have the experience and expertise to get the job done right.

One of the best ways to spot a potential problem is to look for any fluid that might have leaked underneath your vehicle. Once or twice a month, look where you park for any telltale sights. If you notice that fluid has leaked, bring your vehicle to us so that we can prevent something small from turning into a huge disaster.

It is also important to have the transmission fluid changed regularly, especially if you have an older vehicle or the transmission has been rebuilt. Although you can follow the timeline recommended by the manufacturer, because only 65% of the fluid is changed as part of maintenance, our mechanics suggest that you have the change done more often.

Another way to avoid transmission problems in Charlotte, NC, is by never shifting into drive or reverse if your vehicle is moving forward. While this might seem innocent enough, in reality, this is a great way to cause permanent damage to the transmission system. Instead, make sure your vehicle has come to a complete stop before shifting.

In addition, when putting your vehicle into gear, make sure that you have one foot pressed on the brake pedal. Sometimes, people get in too big of a hurry and force the gears to shift. If you keep one foot on the brake when shifting, this problem is eliminated.

The fact is that some vehicles are notorious for developing transmission-related problems. Whether you drive one of those vehicles or one that seldom has issues with the transmission, when a problem does arise, you want to trust the work to a qualified mechanic.

At Twin Transmission, we offer 30 years of experience repairing and building transmissions, as well as dealing with a wide range of other transmission problems in Charlotte, NC. To keep your vehicle in top condition, which equates to a smooth but also safe ride, our service has been proven time and time again to be superior.

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