Transmission Problems that Need your Attention

Transmission problems come in many different ways. Some are caused by careless driving while others by natural causes, for example, poor roads. You can notice if you car or machine has a problem by observing some things such as the ones explained below.

Car not responding correctly

You might realize that your car is not responding well to main things such as gear and others like flashlights. This should be a clear and enough indicators that your car has a problem. Issues with automatic transmission you can notice them whenever you are parking your car or in other words driving your car to a parking zone. Manual transmission problems can have the same problems as those of automatic transmissions but when shifting the car gear the engine will surge.

Leaking fluids

The issue with leaking fluids mainly affects the engine part as well as the engine cooling system. Leaking fluid is the major cause of transmission problem. Transmission fluid (automatic) acts as blood in that they do lubricate the systems and keeps the in check. If you fail to have them in your transmission system, you car will not work completely because the engine will stop working. In case you car has leakage problems please contact a mechanical professional so that you can have your car checked up

Shaking of the car

Your car is supposed to move smoothly without jerking or grinding sound. In case you have your car with these issues, you should know that your car gear has a problem. Manual cars will mainly give you proof by producing a grinding sound. These sounds will cause destruction of your car gear and hence will need immediate repair. Automatic transmission will act at least differently a little whereby instead of noisy grinding sound, you will notice slow response when changing gears, among others.

All these issues will need you to have them checked up before they become worse.



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