Transmission Breaking Down

You’re driving down the freeway, you’ve noticed some issues with your transmission, but you’ve decided to ignore them until now. It’s reasonable because repairing a transmission is pretty expensive. For me, as well as many others, it can be the difference between choosing to have the car repaired and selling the car. That’s when it happens, your car jerks horribly and then you know something is wrong. It might be a little scary and overwhelming. So you’re heading to the side of the road, your mind is racing a million miles a minute, and you’re wondering what to do next.

So, you’re finally at a full stop on the side of the road. Turn on your emergency lights and take a deep breath. You can pop the hood, get out of the car, and check to make sure you aren’t in any danger by being near your car. If it doesn’t seem like any engine trouble and you’re sure it’s a transmission issue, either call some family or friends. I recommend calling them before you call a tow truck, because you never know how helpful they can be. It could be possible that they may be able to tow you out of there themselves and they might even have a friend or family member of their own that is a mechanic. If they have gotten you out of there safely, you have identified the problem, and have gotten a quote from a potential mechanic, it’s time to think if the benefits outweigh the cost. Like I said before, transmissions are expensive and it’s not exactly something that one might be ready for at any time.

So, if you don’t have friends or family to come pick you up, because you’re out of town or whatever the reason may be, then it’s time to call a tow truck. It’s probably best to stay in your vehicle until they arrive, this way you can avoid making oncoming drivers nervous. Once they have arrived, work out the details and see if they would also take you in their truck to the lot. Some companies don’t allow for customers to ride in the car with them, so it is always a good idea to ask. Once you have arrived at either a lot or a mechanic shop, it’s time to crunch some numbers. A transmission repair needs to be worth it, especially for those with limited funds. The repair needs to last for a long time, so it’s best to be sure that there are no other issues that may make the car break down in the near future.

As for the initial breaking of the transmission, you will not get stuck at the speed you were previously at. The idea behind your transmission break is your engine is still spinning, but the power is not making it to your wheels. If power isn’t making it to your wheels, then gravity will do its thing and slow you down. A transmission breaking can feel a lot scarier than it is. The only thing that it might scare is your wallet.


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