The Pros and Cons of Rebuilding a Transmission

When a transmission begins to fail, there are usually three options you can go by; repair the transmission, replace it or rebuild it. Depending on your car’s age and condition, it might not be advisable to repair it since you might end up spending a lot of money on extra repairs compared to rebuilding it. When it comes to rebuilding a transmission, there are various pros and cons. Read through this article for insight on the pros and cons of a transmission rebuild.


One and perhaps the greatest benefit if rebuilding a transmission is that you end up saving hundreds if not thousands of dollars as compared to purchasing a new transmission. From an auto transmission expert point of view, a transmission rebuild costs less than half as much as a complete replacement. This is because rebuilding a transmission is less labor intensive and needs fewer materials.


Another advantage of rebuilding a transmission is that it takes you a very short time in the garage. If you are already used to being on your car, staying without it for a long time can be a great inconvenience, but with a transmission rebuild, the chances are that you will get your car back in a short time as opposed to a scenario where you had decided to replace the whole transmission. Depending on the expertise of the transmission mechanic working on the rebuild, it can even take a day or two while replacing the transmission can take more than a week.


All the same, rebuilding a transmission has its cons. One disadvantage of rebuilding a transmission is that it does not restore your transmission to a new state. Rebuilding a transmission means that there are other parts that have not been replaced and have existing wear in them. As time passed by, these parts are likely to wear out and send you back to the transmission shop. Contact the professionals at Twin Transmission for more information today.

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