The Most Common Problems with Automatic Transmissions

When you drive an automatic car, you are going to encounter more problems than a manual car driver would when it comes to your transmission. This is primarily because of the mechanics behind an automatic transmission. Unlike manual cars that have a clutch, automatic cars require a torque converter to connect the transmission to the engine. Therefore, here are some of the most common problems an owner of an automatic car should be aware of when it comes to their transmission.

1. Watch the Transmission Fluids

When it comes to your transmission, you need to be worried about low fluid and fluid leaks. These are two fluid-related problems that can affect the way your transmission works. Luckily, however, they are not that serious and are easily solved. However, they can also be one-in-the-same. If your transmission is low in fluids, it may mean that there is a leak coming from somewhere, which you need to find and fix before replenishing the fluid supply. If fluids are low, you may find that your car is either slipping gears or having a general problem when it comes to shifting.

2. The Torque Converter is Damaged

As mentioned before, the torque converter is what really makes an automatic transmission different from its manual car counterpart. This device is cylindrical and helps to cycle the fluids through the transmission so that they do not get too hot and begin to corrode. It is a common occurrence that a torque converter may be damaged some way or another, causing it to fail. Usually the problem is that the converter is worn out or that the needle bearings are damaged. Regardless, it is not something to take lightly and ignore. If you suspect the torque converter may be damaged in some way, which can be identified by the car making noises only when you are in driving gear, you need to get the problem fixed immediately.

3. The Solenoid System is Having Problems

While fluids may circulate through the torque converter, it is the solenoid system that really is controlling the fluid flow through the transmission. Therefore, when fluids are too low, it is possible that the system will begin to fail. However, because the solenoid system is more technical, it could also fail due to an electronic problem within the car. A possible sign of solenoid problems is slipping gears when driving, though that can mean many different things. So, it is always best to turn to a professional who will be able to better determine the problem.

There are numerous very common transmission problems you can be faced with in your automatic car. But if you know what to look for, you will be able to catch them sooner, saving yourself a lot of grief when it comes to repairs. If you live in the Carolinas, then consider trusting your car’s transmission to the great team at Twin Transmission, who are extremely knowledgeable and will be able to help you with any transmission problem you may have.

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