The Cost of Transmission Repair, That Depends

There’s an old joke told among professionals that when a client asks a question that you don’t know the answer to, the professional is supposed to say, “That depends.” The purpose of saying this is to keep the client’s mind befuddled long enough to allow the professional time to go look up the answer. The truth is, however, that there’s a lot of honesty in such an answer, even among auto mechanics. Nobody enjoys paying high costs associated with auto repairs, especially when it comes to things like transmissions, which because of their complexity, can be very high. Unfortunately, with a piece of mechanics as complex as a transmission, there is a lot of room for major things to go wrong, thus the high cost.

At Twin Transmission, we understand your situation. The good news in this is that we also understand transmissions like nobody else. After all, if you were expecting someone to attempt keeping the costs of a repair down as much as possible, doesn’t it stand to reason that the person best qualified to do that would be someone who knew his business better than anyone?

Twin Transmission has been in business in this area for more than X years, and in that time we have built a reputation as a transmission repair specialist who knows how to repair transmissions better than anyone. In the course of that time, we have repaired more transmissions than anyone else in the Carolinas.

All of this is why we think you should be coming to Twin Transmission when it comes to anything having to do with your transmission, whether it be a small repair, a replacement or a rebuild. We think you won’t regret having your transmission repair done by us. In fact, we think you will add yourself to our ever-growing list of satisfied customers. Call us today.



Wе have bееn repairing transmissions of all tуреѕ fоr over 30 уеаrѕ.

Wе knоw your transmission, іnѕіdе аnd out! Prореr maintenance оf уоur vehicle саn рrеvеnt major repairs оf your transmission, including a соmрlеtе оvеrhаul or rebuild. Trаnѕmіѕѕіоn Services аrе nоt соѕtlу, and wіll help your vehicle run аt its bеѕt performance.

Wе оffеr thе LONGEST Rebuild warranty іn Charlotte NC

Our wаrrаntу іѕ bу fаr thе lоngеѕt rеbuіld warranty іn Chаrlоttе NC. We stand bеhіnd our work аnd offer 3 Yеаrѕ / UNLIMITED Mіlеѕ.

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