Signs You Need Your Transmission Repaired

No one likes getting told by their mechanic that there is something in their transmission that needs to be repaired. But, it does happen unfortunately. Luckily, it is not always expensive to fix parts of your transmission, especially if you catch it early enough. Here are some of the signs you should be looking for, that will let you know whether you need a transmission repair or not.

1. Some Sort of Fluid Problem

If your gears start slipping, or your car is shifting slowly between gears, it could be a sign of low fluid, which could also mean that you have a fluid leak. Usually a leak in the transmission fluid is caused by a broken gasket, which will result in low fluid levels. These are extremely easy fixes, and can even be done at home, without having to involve a mechanic. It is just a matter of replacing the gasket, and refilling the transmission fluid.

2. Torque Converter Problems

Unlike a manual transmission, which is connected via the clutch of the car, the automatic transmission needs an extra piece to connect it to the engine so that it can work. This piece is called a torque converter, and you will know if it is damaged because the car will make strange noises specifically as it is driving. Damage to the torque converter can include either the whole converter becoming worn or the needle bearings becoming damaged. Regardless, this is not something you should ignore, as it can end up leading to more problems.

3. Solenoid System Problems

This goes back to the possibility of fluid leaks, as the solenoid system, which is also unique to automatic car transmissions, helps keep transmission fluids from overheating and burning. Damage can occur for two reasons; one, it can be due to low transmission fluids or two, because of an electronic problem. You can identify a solenoid problem through gear slipping, which is unfortunately a common sign of many transmission problems. A mechanic may be better able to determine if there is a problem with the solenoid system, as there are so many other possibilities. So, if you experience gear slipping, but you see no leak in regards to the transmission fluids, you should get your car immediately to your trusted transmission specialist to be inspected and possibly even fixed.

Transmission problems are no fun to deal with, but these are some of the major signs that you should be looking for. If you have any problems with these areas, you may find yourself in need of a transmission repair, which, while not very cheap, is the best bet to keep your car in safe, working order. Twin Transmission in Charlotte, NC can do this work for you in a quick and efficient manner, without any loss of quality of work. Just contact them for a free quote and schedule an appointment to see them in person to get a full review done of your transmission.

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