Signs that Your Transmission May be Failing

Your cars health is important, not only because you care for your car, but keeping your car well looked after can save you a lot of money in the long run. The transmission is a main component of the car, and when something goes wrong with it, something is going wrong with the entire car. In order to make sure you don’t do extra damage to your car, you need to be able to pinpoint when something is going wrong with your transmission. If you want to make sure your transmission stays in optimal condition, make sure that you check your warning lights, fluid leaks, slipping, and odd smells.

Warning Lights

Checking to make sure your warning lights stay off is an important factor in keeping your car healthy. If you see any of your warning lights are going off, it could be an indicator that your transmission is failing. If you see any of these lights be sure to take your car into a place like Rebuilt Transmission Specialists in order for them to make sure nothing is going wrong with your transmission.

Fluid Leaks

If you are starting to notice fluid leaks from your car or if, when you pull out a parking space, there are wet spots underneath your vehicle, than it is likely something has gone wrong with your transmission. It is easy to miss leaking from your car which is why it is important to check as often as you can. An easy glance under your car and save you all kinds of trouble down the road. It is time to take your car in if you notice any of these unfortunate leaks.


Slipping occurs when your revolutions per minute increases when you shift gears. If it feels like your car is lurching when you shift, or speeding up when you shift, there could be a problem with your transmission.


If when you drive you start to notice funny smells emitting from your car it could be an indicator that your transmission is failing. The most common smell that people report when their transmission fails is the scent of fluid burning. If you smell something burning, take your car in to get your transmission checked by Rebuilt Transmission Specialists.

There are many indicators that your transmission could be damaged on your car but these are the most common signs. Keeping a sharp eye open for problems with your car can be an efficient way to nip a problem in the bud before any true damage occurs to your car. Stay alert for warning lights, fluid leaks, slipping and smells, and you will be able to make sure your car’s transmission remains in top condition. Don’t let there be problems with your transmission. Take charge with your vehicle and learn all you can to make sure you take the best care of your car that you can.

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