How Long Should a Rebuilt Transmission Last

Transmissions come in all shapes, sizes, and strengths. They fit all kinds of vehicles that allow you to commute and/ or haul equipment, merchandise, or materials from point A to point B. Your car’s transmission works as the muscle skeleton of your vehicle by allowing it to move the joints necessary in the direction of your choice. The fun part is when you have a manual transmission over an automatic because then the power of shifting is in your hands.

By maintaining your transmission on time and observing the fluid levels, you can have the life of your transmission in your hands. With these measures, you will prolong the life of your transmission to its fullest from the beginning. But once something goes wrong with your vehicle’s transmission, and you decide to have it rebuilt, how long should the rebuilt transmission last after that?

A rebuilt transmission should be like new. It should be something that will last you another 30,000 to 40,000 miles so that you do not have to worry about it for long while. However, in some of the most rarest of cases, something could go wrong with the rebuild of the transmission. A small part could be to blame, if not the mechanic himself. But in the higher rate of cases, your transmission should be fine and those 30,000 to 40,000 should be it.

Usually there is no way of telling how it will last. Some measures should be taken so that it does last, like the eventual look into your hood to make sure that fluid levels are nice and even. One of the ways that a transmission can be damaged is if the mechanic that serviced your car did not do his job right. If he leaves a nut or bolt loose or too tight, it can either twirl off or it can snap from over-tightening.

Another way is if the transmission would be faulty from the beginning. In that case, that would be the manufacturer’s fault and it should be replaced at no cost. However, check and make sure with your transmission shop’s warranty as to how they would handle a situation like this. Most would replace it at no cost but some will want something for the replacement, even if it is not your fault.

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