How Do I Know if My Transmission is Going Out?

When you’re on the road, you’re responsible for your safety as well as those around you. Having an understanding of warning signs that indicate your car needs inspection can save you from avoidable accidents. If you’ve had your car for a long time, you’ll want stay alert for possible transmission related issues. Depending on how much damage has been done, you may need to get your transmission either rebuilt or totally replaced. Regardless of the course of action you chose to take, you should be aware of when your car is experiencing symptoms of a faulty transmission. Understanding these symptoms can help you discover problems with your car faster and lessen damage as well as keep a faulty car off the road. Be sure you know the telling signs that a transmission is going out.

Issues with Your Car’s Gears

If you find that your car is having trouble changing gears, you may have a faulty transmission. The gears may make a grinding noise when you stitch, or they may refuse to budge at all. If you also experience gear slipping, this could be yet another sign of a damaged transmission. With a normally functioning transmission, the car stays in the correct gear. However, if you’re driving a manual car that needs a repaired transmission, the car can spontaneously change gears. This fault is dangerous on the road and leaves you out of control. In an event that you would need to slam on the breaks to control the vehicle you want to make sure your transmission can get the power to the wheels.

Unusual Noises

When your car makes any sounds that are out of the ordinary, you definitely want to get it checked out for damage. If the sounds occur when you put the vehicle in neutral, you may need to repair your transmission. Though these occasional noises are sometimes fixed by replacing the transmission fluid. However, you’ll want to consult a mechanic if the noises persist. These noises could signal more serious mechanical damage that requires a specialist to fix.

Burnt, Leaky Fluid

You should check your garage floor or driveway for fluid that has leaked from the transmission. In addition to leaky fluid, if the fluid has a burnt smell to it, your transmission is in need of repair. Checking for leaky fluid is perhaps the most telling and easiest sign to detect if there is something wrong with your transmission. Even if you don’t deem the amount of leaked fluid worrisome, take your car to a mechanic as soon as possible. There should be no fluid leaking at all, and the sooner your transmission is fixed the safer you will be.

Having the knowledge to detect signs pointing to a faulty transmission will save you time and money. The faster you detect a transmission in need of repair, the less damaging, and therefore less costly, the consequences. Don’t put yourself and others as risk by driving a car with a faulty transmission. If you suspect a problem, contact your local mechanic immediately.

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