Five Things to Know About a Transmission Rebuild

Your transmission is an incredibly important piece of machinery. Without it, your car will not work right, and a part of it gets damaged, you can put yourself and others at serious risk. Automatic transmissions, very specifically, can experience a lot more problems than a manual transmission, making it even more important to take proper care of them. But, sometimes, you find yourself in need of a transmission rebuild, so here is what you should expect.

1. A Rebuild is More Extensive Than a Repair

When your mechanic suggests a transmission rebuild, it means that there are likely extensive problems that cannot necessarily be solved with a simple repair. A rebuild takes a great deal of knowledge and expertise on the part of the mechanic, because it requires not just a large amount of skill, but also time. The more experience a mechanic has, the smoother and faster the rebuild is likely to go.

2. A Rebuild is Not Cheap, But it Cheaper Than Going New

Like with many car repair situations, a transmission rebuild is not cheap. It will cost a pretty penny for sure, but compared to replacing with a completely new transmission, it is a much cheaper option. These numbers are likely to scare anyone, but you really cannot continue to use the car without fixing the problem. If it is too much to pay, you should find a different car for transportation, until the time that you would be able to afford it.

3. You Do Not Always Need a Transmission Rebuild

In some cases, a transmission rebuild is not actually needed. In fact, you may just need to have a certain part replaced or fixed in order to solve the problem. So, do not be afraid to take it somewhere else for a second, or even third, opinion. Testing can be done to see exactly what it is going on with the car. The problem could be anything from a problem with the torque converter to a problem with another system.

4. It Should Come With a Warranty

Because of how big the role of a transmission is, it should come with a warranty when you get it rebuilt. This will provide you with a few years of protection, for just in case you encounter any problems. Twin Transmission in Charlotte, NC offers a 3-year limited warranty with each rebuild.

5. A Rebuilt Transmission Can Serve You Better

People are constantly customizing their cars, so it would only make sense that you can also customize your transmission. When you have specific needs, such as being able to pull heavy loads or handle stop-and-go traffic better, rebuilding your transmission is a great chance to get what you need. You just have to talk to your transmission specialist about your needs to see what can be done.

These are just a few of the things that you should know when it comes to a transmission rebuild. Twin Transmission is well-loved shop with transmission specialist that will gladly help you with your rebuild. And, as mentioned before, their rebuilds come with a 3-year warranty. Contact them for more information.


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