Cars with Transmission Issues

So you’re planning on purchasing a car, but you want to steer clear of some potentially expensive issues with a future vehicle. It’s understandable, because no one buys a car in hopes of spending large amounts of money on repairs, unless it was meant to be purchased as a project. Some cars are known to last longer than others and maintain their health throughout the years. Others only say that they are built to last, but have a reputation of breaking down quite often. Each purchase is unique and someone might have a better experience with a car than others did. I can only speak from my experience, so I will be writing about the cars that I have had the worst luck with, in terms of transmission issues.


First on the list is a car company which is no longer in business, Saturn. My 1999 Saturn SL was my first car ever and it almost made me quit driving cars altogether. It was such a bad experience that I immediately purchased a motorcycle after I had sold it to CarMax, because they were the only ones that would take it. It had a multitude of problems, but the one I had to suffer through the longest was the transmission issues. It would violently jerk back and forth as it shifted into different gears. It felt as if I was breaking the car each time I got onto the freeway. As a broke college student, I had to ignore the problem for as long as I could. Fixing the transmission would cost more than the car was worth at the time and definitely worth more than I could afford.


The next car on the list might be a shocker to some, because it is a European model. The 2005 BMW X5 is also known to have transmission issues. With it currently being on many “do not buy” lists on used car websites, it is no wonder that my next car would have difficulties. The entire X5 series was known to have had issues from 2003-2011; there isn’t much to say besides it was a disappointment and not what I expected from BMW.


The final car on my list is the PT Cruiser. This car wasn’t actually mine, but my fiancé’s. She had to pay a large sum of money just to keep the car running, but what finally made her call it quits was the transmission issues that the car began to show after a year of owning it. The PT Cruiser is notorious for having issues and breaking down quite often. So, I would definitely think twice about purchasing this or any other car on this list. You may purchase one and have an amazing experience, but I can only speak from my time with each vehicle, as well as the testimonies of others online. I spent plenty of time looking up ways to try and fix the cars on my own, only to find forum after forum complaining about each of these cars.


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