4 Tips for Keeping Your Transmission Healthy

Making sure your car runs well can be confusing if you aren’t sure what you are looking for. You want your vehicle to stay in good condition, but you just not be quite sure what to do to get it to stay that way. One easy way to take good care of your car is to simply make sure your transmission stays in good health. The transmission is a vital part of your vehicle, and if somethings wrong with it, it can coast you time and money. If you are looking to keep your transmission in prime condition, there are four steps you can take, checking your fluid, and simply taking your vehicle into places like Rebuilt Transmission Specialist, to keep an eye on your transmission for you.

Check Your Fluid Level

The simplest way to make sure your transmission doesn’t malfunction is to check your fluid level often. Fluid is an important part of the transmission. It provides things like cooling and lubrication, so you want to make sure your car has a good amount so it runs right. All you have to do is check your dipstick that should be located on your transmission. Making sure you have enough fluid is simple and easy. Make sure your car is parked on level grounding so the levels don’t look skewed. Pull the dipstick out, wipe it clean, and put it back. When you pull it out this time your readings will be accurate and let you know whether or not there is a problem. Don’t let your transmission go out when it can be an easy problem to fix.

Check for Leaks

When you park your car, make sure that when you drive away your vehicle isn’t leaving behind any residue. If your car is leaking, you need to take it into the shop before irreversible damage is done to your vehicle.


When you drive, an easy way to wreck your transmission is to change into a reverse or park mode when your vehicle is still moving. You want to make sure you have stopped your car before switching gears or your transmission could be damaged.

Get Your Transmission Serviced

A straightforward, uncomplicated way to keep your transmission healthy is to simply take your vehicle in to get serviced. Dedicated workers like the Rebuild Transmission Specialists, are trained to troubleshoot problems and let you know everything that can be done to make your vehicle the best it can be.

Your car has a right to its best health. Make sure you keep the heart of your car vigorous and strong. You don’t want to have to pay a lot of money for problems that can be easily avoided. Check your fluid, check for leaks, watch your shifting, and take your car in. It’s as simple and easy as 1, 2, 3. Keep your car healthy today, by going into Rebuild Transmission Specialists.

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