4 Questions to Ask About Your Transmission Rebuild

When it comes to working on your car, one should ask a mechanic as many questions as possible. Not to learn and take over their job of the mechanic that is servicing your car, but more for the knowledge on what to do in certain situations, that way you don’t have to call them for every little thing. Also, it gives you the advantage of knowing things so that you do not get taken advantage of.

The only thing that you can’t do too much about in regards to any repair to your vehicle is your transmission repair. Because transmissions are so meticulously built and the timing needs to be set perfectly in terms of space and tightness, transmissions are usually not a “do it yourself” repair. The most you can really do outside of regular maintenance is measure the amount of fluid and look out for oil leaks.

But really, going back to asking all sorts of questions, one of the things that you need to know is what can happen after your transmission is rebuilt. Here are 4 questions to ask your mechanic about your transmission rebuild, for your personal sake.

How long is the warranty on the rebuilt transmission?

A good amount of automobile service shops like to give a warranty that lasts the lifetime of the car. A lot of bigger shops will limit that warranty to the amount of mileage or years that it chooses to do, like a 30,000 mile/ 3-year warranty. You can always ask if the ownership of the car changes, if the warranty carries over to the following owner. If you sell or give your vehicle to a relative or one of your kids, you want to make sure that they are covered as well.

What does the warranty of the rebuilt transmission cover?

The transmission has a lot of moving parts that can be ruined if installed the wrong way. From the gears to the clutch, the smaller parts can become damaged and end the life of your transmission. The labor charges are what can make your service charge higher. Make sure that next time you bring in your car, everything is covered.

What can void the warranty for the rebuilt transmission?

Once you get your transmission rebuilt, you really do not want to touch it. Depending on the maintenance that needs to be done, some repair shops want you to bring your car back to them or it will void your warranty. Find out your limits as to what you can do outside of seeing the level of your transmission fluid.

When is the next time that I need to service my rebuilt transmission?

This is good to know as usually, the only thing anyone will tell you is when to bring in your vehicle the first time around. My guess is that a lot of clients do not bring back their cars because they somehow get rid of it.

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